Anna Sette
Creative Designer
Graphic Artist for Film & Television
Props Painter


Branding / Branding strategy
Editorial Design
Fine art painting analog (watercolor, acryl, oil) and digital (Photoshop)
Graphic Design
Graphic Props Design
Portait drawing / painting
Logo & Key Visual Design
Packaging Design
Pattern Design
Pitch Presentation Design
Props Concept
Props Painting
Wall painting (interior / exterior)

Requisiten / Austattung Design und Produktion für eine fiktive Marke von Kindernernährung

Upon request  I am happy to build designed graphic props.
Get in touch for further infomation.


Born in Milan, Italy.
Creative designer since 2008.
Since 2022 I offer my services as graphic artist for film and television, a role in which I can not only use my wide range of talents and years of experience, but also i am able to develop my painting, concept art and prop concept skills.
I am thrilled!

I am an energetic, enthusiast, restless and highly productive creative. I love conception and to be assigned different creative tasks.
Research and learning or deepening a new skill is something to look forward to.
I am a keen portait and landscape painter and always happy to use my conceptual and visualisation skills to illustrate any kind of concepts, for storytelling or create new characters and environments. 

Software skills:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
After Effects
WordPress / basic CSS


Prompting (Midjourney)

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© 2023 Anna Sette - Website built with Semplice